Zikander is located in Denamrk and all of our products are produced in Denmark.

Beijing Zikander International Trading Co., Ltd provides Chinese market high quality products

and professional technical services. Our strategy is to offer our environmental friendly products

from Denmark to our customers in the best possible way. Our paints and coatings have been

widely used since 1973, wood repair products since 1992 and wood oils since 1926.

In 2015, the company has divided into two sales sections, which are sales on repair,

pretreatment, wood care products and facade treatment products, and founded Zikander

Coating Sales Co., Ltd for selling facade treatment products.

The key factor to our success is our dialogue with our clients so it is possible to offer the best

possible technical advice, so we ensure that our products are used coorectly on construction

sights and in factories producing furniture, flooring, windows, doors etc. The unique characters

of our products plus our technical support based on our years of experience, offers us a core



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